2015 Festival Trends: Are They “Do’s” Or “Don’ts?”

Festival wear is a bonafide “thing” these days. With Brands like H&M and Forever 21 having entire lines dedicated solely to Festival Sason, it’s become an instantly recognizable aesthetic. Even when someone just says the words “festival outfit” — a definite image pops into mind. And it generally looks something like this:

I would venture to say the trick is to stay on-trend while avoiding looking like a music festival style Pinterest board threw up all over you. So which of the fest trends are do’s and don’t’s this year? You be the judge…

Flash Tattoos


These had a major moment last year. They began creeping into popularity on the festival scene, but after being spotted on the likes of Beyonce, Ariana Grande, and trend queen Vanessa Hidgens, blew up and became a “thing” in day-to-day life. Inevitably they saw a trickle down from being available from just a handful of retailers at certain spas and salons, to an as-seen-on-tv purchase, to finally being a do-it-yourself “one last thing” item placed by the checkout counter at The Icing.

But just because it’s accessible doesn’t mean it isn’t cute! Go for it — just get creative with your placement. I’m sure no one forgot the lady (from Little Tribe Pow) in the pic above when she hit the scene.

Ornate Septum Rings

Septum piercings are extremely trendy right now. Your mom probably got hers pierced on her last birthday — that’s how many women are doing it these days. Extremely versatile, people do anything from petite hoops to detailed and intricate loops that serve as the focal point on your face. Either way, they make everyone look really cool, regardless of what the rest of your look has going on.

That said — don’t GO get your septum pierced just to rock one of these. There are a lot of cuff options, or you could do something different altogether. I’m a big fan of nose chains, and you really don’t see them done that much. Like so:

Nice, right?

Flower Crowns

These deserve a whole separate post of their own. Flower crowns are popular – SO popular in fact that everyone, literally EVERYONE wears these. Essentially, do it if you feel you MUST, but it’s a little cliche at this point, and there are bunches of alternative options that look a lot less “my first festival” than this does.

All Fringe Everything

Fringe has gotten so popular that it is fully possible for everything you wear to feature loose strings hanging from it — down to the shoes.

A little fringe can go a long way, so don’t feel compelled to go fully shredded with every item. No need to wear a fringe vest, fringe shorts, fringe Minnetonkas, fringe purse fringe hat (not sure if that exists, but I’m sure it’s possible).



It only makes sense that these light and breezy options are so popular at music festivals. It’s easy, cute, and doesn’t really go out of style.

Whether worn as separates, a dress, shorts, a top, etc. it’s a cute and stylish go-to option that doesn’t require a lot of extra effort for matching or styling.

Native American Headdresses

This is a DON’T. Come on, you know this.

Not only is it the lamest, most played thing you can do at this point in the game…it’s cultural appropriation that makes a “fun dress-up” out of something deeply important to some Native American tribes.

That said, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down decent-sized handfuls of guys and girls from hitting festivals dressed in Native American Halloween Costumes. It has a long history in American Culture, and in music in particular. But I suggest just aiming to NOT be an a-hole and avoiding it …


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