ULTRA 2015 was one for the history books… The official “Thank You, and see you next year” aftermovie for Ultra Miami 2015 dropped today. As you know, this was my first huge EDM festival — and I think I might be hooked! This was so awesome…the video barely catches half… View Post

Who’s responsible for the show behind the DJ? Anyone who’s been to a large-scale EDM show can tell you that half the production is the light/shape show going on on the screens in front of and behind the DJ. Of course, you have to extrapolate that by about 100 for… View Post

My first ULTRA…I’m hooked! Ultra completely lives up to the name. This was my first time hitting up an EDM fest as large scale as this…with over 300,000 people from nearly 100 countries all descending on Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami to hear some of the biggest names in dance… View Post

Festival wear is a bonafide “thing” these days. With Brands like H&M and Forever 21 having entire lines dedicated solely to Festival Sason, it’s become an instantly recognizable aesthetic. Even when someone just says the words “festival outfit” — a definite image pops into mind. And it generally looks something… View Post

The seedy underbelly of Festival Life… You would think that in 2015 we’d have more options than a glorified outhouse. Hovercrafts, leisure space travel, and 3-D printing are all real, tangible things nowadays…but somehow we still have to pee and poop in open public bins at events with large crowds.… View Post