I know you have friends. They just aren’t here this weekend… BUT WAIT! Isn’t a Music Festival more fun with friends??? Well, that depends on the situation, really. Think about it. Is it really that much more fun to roll with a crew that you had to drag there? Girls… View Post

ATL…I’m baaaaack! New York has its benefits — however few and far between — but I ALWAYS miss my hometown. Like, on a daily basis. Now that I’m back in town for the Holidays, it’s time to see what shows and events I can get into without having to wear… View Post

Last week, I had the opportunity to take a dance class with Sevyn Streeter herself and learn some new choreography to her latest single, “Shoulda Been There,” featuring her rapper boo B.O.B. Now, while I was under the impression the class would be full of a bunch of fans and… View Post

The seedy underbelly of Festival Life… You would think that in 2015 we’d have more options than a glorified outhouse. Hovercrafts, leisure space travel, and 3-D printing are all real, tangible things nowadays…but somehow we still have to pee and poop in open public bins at events with large crowds.… View Post