#Coachella Interview: Two Fresh Talks Finding Their Sound And Conquering Festival Stages

DJs, Producers & brothers — Two Fresh is poised to take the industry by storm… You may not have heard of Two Fresh quite yet, but the twin brother DJ duo is already highly respected in the production world and doing collabs with up-and-coming rappers on the trap/hip-hop scene. With a sound that fuses the hip hop and electronic dance worlds and connections to Mad Decent, the twins are set to skyrocket in the next year — they just dropped an EP featuring Vic Mensa, Joey Purp and more last October and the buzz is building more and more.

While hitting up day two of the festival, I caught up with Two Fresh to get the deets on their second Coachella – performing in the Heineken House on each Saturday of the festival — and the evolution of their sound from wild and crazy dance beats to hip-hop tracks, and find out what it’s like to work with a family member 24/7.

So, for those unfamiliar, tell the people who you are and what your sound is:

Kendo: We’re Two Fresh. We’re from Nashville, but we live in LA right now, and majority of our music is Hip-op/Rap/Trap/R&B — that’s the core and the vibe.

Coachella is really a dream stage for a lot of artists, and you’re already here at age 22. What do you feel like got you to this point?

Shweez: I feel like it was the progression of our music. In the past two years, we’ve gained notoriety being producers for MC’s and vocalists.

Kendo: Right, so we’re shining. When we started out making music, it was all like electronic music — more like the Flying Lotus, J. Dilla, weird beats stuff. After traveling, producing, and just being artists, and even from our move to LA, we finally found our lane and our sound. So that’s why I say this is our first time at Coachella as “Two Fresh.” This is it.

So what other goals do you have performance-wise? What stages are you DYING to hit?

Kendo: That Coachella main-stage! That’s definitely next. But out of everything, it’s just about having the music in everyone’s ears and everyone knowing us. The same thing like Timbaland and Pharrell, how when you hear that beat you KNOW who it is. We want to make sure our sound resonates like that.

Nice! Now coming from Nashville, it’s not exactly known as a hub for the type of music that you make. How did you get into DJing and producing your unique style of music?

Shweez: It came with progression. Our older brothers listened to like Three Six [Mafia] and stuff like that, so that’s been an influence. Now that we produce more rap stuff, it shows.

Kendo: Yeah, now that we’ve moved a little away from EDM and more toward rap, the influence of hearing stuff like that early, and how to make a rap beat so that someone can actually rap on it really shows.

Shweez: Yeah, kind of holding back in some aspects. Three years ago, we’d make a beat and it it would be wild – just be weird, no rules, whatever. Now we’re able to listen to it with a mature ear and think “okay, this is where we can have a bridge,” and think of it as a song, so we can work with more artists and work together rather than just taking over.

So name one artist you’ve worked with thus far that made you think “Holy shit, I can’t believe we got them on one of our tracks!”

Both: Vic Mensa.

Shweez: Vic is one of the big homies. But it’s crazy because everything we’ve done has been with friends. It’s not really like — there’s never been a starstruck moment. But the only way we’re going to make good music is to do it a lot, and trying a lot, and failing. So making friends with Vic Mensa, Joey Purp, SAVEMONEY, Young Jake, and everybody that we are actually working with right now, it’s not a thing where it’s like “oh, my manager set up this session.” It’s more of “Yo, let’s make the best music that we can.”

Sounds pretty successful to me…

So are there artists that you’re just dying to work with and would really love to get on a track?

Both: Kanye!

I can really picture that! I FELT like you were going to say that…

Kendo: Yeah, of course! It’s Kanye, Pharrell, Timbo. Then on top of that its like Denzel Curry and still the mainly underground cats. And Schoolboy Q — everybody really. The possibilities are endless, and there’s a Two Fresh beat for all of them.

Now being that your sound is still under the EDM umbrella, let me ask you this. Even though electronic dance was born from us, you really don’t see a lot of Black faces dominating that space — it isn’t really considered “ours.” Being that you don’t really look like all the popular DJ/producers in that world, how do you navigate that space?

Kendo: I feel like that’s why we are Two Fresh. We’re still going to play some EDM stuff, but we’ll also be playing some hip hop, some rap, because it’s all in the same vein. I mean, trap comes from hip hop. So, taking that ride of going to our live show, taking that wave of playing the EDM stuff and playing rap and it all works together is why Two Fresh is who Two Fresh is.

What is it like working with your twin brother and being around each other 24/7?

Kendo: Yeah, that’s my best friend.

Schweez: It’s cool, because we can be brutally honest. There’s no holding back. Even if we’re not right, we can tell each other “oh, that’s not tight,” or “yeah, that’s ill.” I feel like with people who you just meet for the first time, you’ll compromise and you’ll keep your mouth shut because you don’t know them as well. But, we’re brothers, so we can keep it real.

Nice! Check out their Torch EP HERE — I definitely became a fan! Looking forward to hearing more from these southern brothers and their electronic sound.

Mad Decent/Rivea Ruff


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