Dancing It Up With Sevyn Streeter At Banana Skirt Studio NYC

Last week, I had the opportunity to take a dance class with Sevyn Streeter herself and learn some new choreography to her latest single, “Shoulda Been There,” featuring her rapper boo B.O.B.

Now, while I was under the impression the class would be full of a bunch of fans and just generally interested parties, apparently REAL PROFESSIONAL DANCERS were up in there, picking up the dance moves immediately and instinctively putting their own stank on it. Now, I can follow instruction and stay on beat…but I’m not quite as ‘So You Think You Can Dance” ready as this crew. Naturally, I did my best to stay to the side and in the back so as not to completely embarrass myself next to them.

Check out the vid XOnecole caught of the evening’s shenanigans (and if you look closely, you can catch me awkwardly attempting to catch the steps — and not really succeeding that much — in the background):

Even though I don’t quite have a career in backup dancing in my future, it was definitely a fun workout and a great opportunity to connect with Sevyn over the meaning of her new song. She says this one goes out to that one ex we all have that suddenly wants to clean up their act and try to “have a conversation” once we’ve finally moved on and forgotten about them. Basically, if you wanted to make it right…you should’ve been there the first time around! She said this one’s a bit personal for her…so putting two and two together, this is clearly some Mack Wilds shade…

On top of all that, Sevyn is SUPER nice and really gets into taking pics with people — hugs, kissy faces and all:

I had fun! Hoping that the label does more of these events…maybe I can ACTUALLY learn a dance well enough to “compete” out here…



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