Style File: Coachella Chic 2018

Coachella 2018 is officially docked in the history books, and of course, all of us are bald by now due to Beyonce completely shutting down the main stage as the first Black woman to ever headline the monumental festival.

But what we’re here to take a peek at are the looks folks rocked to beat the heat (and battle the sudden chill at night) in the Indio desert while bouncing between stages catching Bey and the rest of their faves at the festival for the last two weekends.

Fans were pretty popular with the ladies this year, and rightfully so as there was virtually NO WIND and little cloud cover during the peak heat hours of the 90-degree days out in the valley

While others opted for swimwear, crops, and shorts to avoid melting in between sets.

Photos Courtesy of Coachella


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