Experiencing “The Madness” With The Weeknd At Philips Arena

Home for the Holidays! But you know that wouldn’t keep me away from live shows…and one of my favorite artists is making a stop through while I’m back in town too?

The Weeknd’s highly buzzed about The Madness Fall Tour was winding down and making one of its final stops in my city, Atlanta, GA. Naturally, you know I’m in there.

First of all, this was the first show I brought my mother to. Yes, my Mother is randomly a HUGE fan of the Weeknd. When she found out I was headed downtown for the show, she perked up, so of course there was no way I wouldn’t take her with me.

I definitely thought it would be a bit awkward what with Abel’s explicit lyrics about coke-fueled orgies and whatnot…but hey, we’re all grown here and this is what the woman listens to in her earphones at work, so I assumed she knew what she was getting herself into…

I opted for an all-black ensemble — which apparently is like the uniform for a Weeknd show, go figure — topped with a green bomber jacket and flat-iron curled my hair.

Waiting on #TheWeeknd! Been excited about #TheMadnessFallTour for months… #xo

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Somehow managed not to look directly at the camera, but you get the idea. Travis Scott opened up the show, which even though he works with the Weeknd here and there, seemed a little out of place to me. I don’t think of the rodeo when I think of The Weeknd. But it worked for the crowd…

Next, Halsey came out and brought the more chill vibes back to the arena. I’m not a huge fan, but I was feeling her set. Full transparency, the only song of hers that I’m familiar with is “New Americana,” which is what she closed out with…

But before long, it was finally time for the man himself. Now I’d already seen The Weeknd perform once before, but that was back in 2011, at a MUCH smaller venue, when all he had was House of Balloons and Tumblr hype and most people weren’t even sure what he looked like yet. This was my first sort of “then and now” experience with an artist like that, and I have to say it’s really interesting to catch an artist in the early days versus packing out an arena and observing the changes that brings…

…bring the 707 out… 😝 #TheWeeknd #TheMadnessFallTour #xo #GlassTableGirls

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Definitely a far cry from his Center Stage show! “Glass Table Girls” didn’t look or sound quite like that 5 years ago.

But one thing that hasn’t changed, he sounds just like, if not better than, his recordings. I honestly question if Abel is really on all these drugs he brags about in all his melancholic-yet-sexed up anthems because his voice sounds just as pure and untouched…

GREAT night. I almost wish I could catch this one again in another city (Miami, specifically). Did you catch The Madness in your city??



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