Tyler Perry Talks Acrimony And Reveals How He Handles Out-Of-Control Exes

I got a chance to attend the press junket for Tyler Perry’s new flick “Acrimony” last week and had the opportunity to sit with the man himself to pick his brain on what makes the story of scorned ex Melinda so special. Tyler was super nice (and extremely TALL) in person, and even teased me about sitting my purse on the floor — I’m guessing you’ll only get that if you’re southern, though. Despite our strained faces in the photo above, we actually had a great chat about the film’s themes. Take a look:

I enjoyed the film quite a bit more than I anticipated I would. Like most people, I’ve placed certain filmmakers in certain boxes and assume I know what to expect from them each time. However, I was pleasantly surprised with ‘Acrimony,’ and the different spin it placed on the “fed up/wronged woman” trope that is seen so often in films. There are a few more layers to this film, and it definitely blurs the lines between villain and victim.

Overall, I would give it a 3 out of 5. Have you seen the flick yet? What did you think?



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